IAWAH Open House, Saturday May 20, 2023

Welcome to CREW

We’re so excited that you’re a member of CREW 2022. We hope that you’re ready for an experience that will stretch you and help you learn about yourself. This information is important, so please read it! We are trying to help you be the most prepared you can be. Show your parents too – there is information in here for them.

What is CREW?

CREW is a program that uses hard work and training to develop Godly habits and community. On the 3-day canoe or hiking trip, you will get to know the other CREW members as you hike or paddle through the wilderness. When you are back at camp, your work begins. Throughout a normal day, you will work three periods. During each shift, you will have the opportunity to learn to work as a team and take pride in a job well done. Other activities include Bible Study, worship, free time, rest, and of course, various camp activities and tons of fun.



In an attempt to ease registration lines, we’ve divided registration arrival by camper’s last name*.

Last names starting with A-M : 2:45 pm arrival
Last name starting with N-Z: 3:15 pm arrival
CREW 1: July 3, 2022
CREW 3/Wild: July 31, 2022

*if you have multiple last names in the vehicle, choose one time for the whole car. 



Parents and CREW participants can communicate via our new app Bunk1.
Snail mail is also an option. 


CREW is full of activity and packing for three weeks can seem a bit daunting. We’ve helped you get organized with our handy packing guide. 

A note about preparation

Most good things in life are best experienced when we anticipate and prepare for them. With that in mind, what can  you do to prepare yourself now? There are a number of practical things that you need to be ready for the summer.

• Take the time to have a visit with your doctor prior to coming to ensure that your health and medications (if applicable) are in order. Remember – you will be gone for three weeks in an intense program!

• If you don’t currently set aside regular time to read the Bible and talk with God, start that habit now. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are great places to begin.

• Start replacing some of your TV time with volunteering in your church, in your community or outside doing some work. Need some suggestions? Why not ask your youth pastor or someone else you trust?

• Reread the Guidelines for IAWAH Youth Development and Leadership and make sure that you are still willing to commit to those standards. You will be held to them.

• Ask God specifically to prepare your heart and mind for CR

Guidelines for IAWAH's Youth Development & Leadership Programs

Understanding that there is a time to set aside things in our lives for the purposes of learning, growing and experiencing different things, IAWAH expects that Leadership participants, while enrolled in an IAWAH Program, will:

• Participate in God-honouring relationships. This includes – but is not limited to – setting aside starting “to date” while at IAWAH;

• Leave all electronic devices at home! This includes cell phones. You can do it – It is possible! If you need to contact home, this can be done through the office; or contacting your parents through the Bunk1 app.

• Avoid situations and circumstances that compromise integrity (either yours or that of someone else);

• Present themselves in a manner that respects and values themselves and the rest of the community;

• Be law-abiding citizens, including abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, illegal drugs and other substances.

• Abide by rules that may be implemented during the program including, but not limited to: curfew, punctuality, respect, privacy, and an expectation to fully participate.

• There will be situations and circumstances where unique rules may be implemented for a limited time during the Program.

Room assignments and creating work/service groups are the responsibility of the Program Leaders. The goal is to provide participants with the opportunity to meet new people, develop interpersonal skills and excel in a group setting. Decisions are made in an effort to provide an environment that is safe and equitable for all.


Member Expectations

A word about clothing. The reality is that people are often identified by what they wear. It is one way that people express themselves, their personality, and who they identify with. These factors should make us conscious about our selection of clothes. As a CREW member, consider the following:

Respect yourself: Consider your clothes and ask “What does this say about me?” and “Is this the message God would want me to communicate to others about myself?”

Respect others: At IAWAH, we live in a close community. Be aware of the impact your clothes (or lack thereof) may have on those around you.

Respect your sexuality: Our culture is often about sexual expression and not all of it is healthy! At IAWAH, we ask that you choose clothes that reduce sexual awareness rather than increase it. (This should be interpreted as …guys – wear your pants over your boxers, girls – wear a shirt over bikinis.) .

Respect those who look up to you: You are a role model! IAWAH campers admire CREW members – be aware of this and dress appropriately. How do you know if the clothes you are packing are appropriate? If you are questioning the appropriateness of a particular piece of clothing be sure to ask yourself honestly the above questions. Be willing to say “Maybe, I don’t need that this summer”. If you are still uncertain, ask someone you trust. (God is a great person to talk to about this stuff.) Like it or not, your wardrobe says a lot about you!

One of the toughest personal areas to figure out in life is attitude. Most of us enjoy being around people who reflect the fruit of the Spirit – read what Paul wrote to the Galatians years ago in Galatians 5:16-26. The Message by Eugene Peterson explains Paul’s words really well!

God made each individual unique. As a CREW community at IAWAH, we intend to celebrate each member’s uniqueness as God’s design. Expect to have time to reflect on who you are and receive input into who God has made you to be.

Hard work is good for the body and soul. Expect to spend an average of six hours per day working. There will be shift rotations of dishes & food service, housekeeping & cleaning, as well as work projects. Expect early mornings – don’t worry it will come naturally by the end of the three weeks! Training is provided.

Recreation is good for the soul. There will be lots of time to play hard – expect some friendly sports challenges with the ROOTs and IAWAH Staff. Come prepared to participate.

The Tuck Shop stocks IAWAH clothing, souvenirs, and a variety of candy products. CREW members are limited to a maximum of $3.00/day for all candy and drinks. Tuck accounts can be set up through your online account or on Registration Day using cash, credit card, debit card, or cheque.

Come to CREW prepared to unplug from your cell phone, iPod, and other electronic devices. Electronic devices tend to isolate individuals rather than draw them into a community. The desire is to focus on building community. Cell phones, computers, tablets, gaming devices, DVD players, and any other media device are not permitted.

IAWAH makes an effort to provide a “laundry courier service” at least once during CREW. CREW members may purchase this service (estimated $5.00/load) through their tuck account when it is offered. However, the easiest thing to do would be to pack for the full three weeks.

Medical staff is on-site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. CREW members will have a designated time each day where they can visit medical staff for non-emergent matters. Medications will be dispensed by the medical staff as required. All medication must be in the original container with the manufacturer’s label or with the doctor’s orders from the pharmacist. Emergencies will be dealt with as per the signed consent on the Member’s Application Form.

Challenge & Experience
You have to try something new and risk failure in order to grow. Under guidance, experiential learning leads to growth.

Service & Work
We offer the gift of honest work and real responsibility – learning to serve others, not just ourselves. Through service, gifts are discovered and character is built.

Play & Rest
In our culture of stress and busyness; we offer the gift of play and rest. Play restores creativity and relationship. Rest points us toward the rhythm of God’s healing Sabbath.

Let's get Packing

 This is the exciting part – Please pack carefully and wisely. Prepare for the outdoors: rain, sun, swimming, hiking, work (inside and outside), mosquitoes etc. Pack enough to be comfortable but leave items that aren’t necessary or allowed at home (see Cell phones & electronics). 

LABEL EVERYTHING! IAWAH is not responsible for lost items. All Lost and Found items will be displayed at the end of each session. The following list is intended to guide you as you pack and unpack and repack. Enjoy! 

  • Running shoes for the river (closed-toed shoes that can be worn in water)
  •  Dry shoes for at the campsite
  •  Working/hiking books & work gloves
  • Pants & shorts (at least 1 quick-dry)
  • Sweater & long sleeve shirt (at least 1 polar fleece  or wool)
  • Old long sleeve shirt (prefer dress style shirt for sun protection)
  • Socks & underwear (3 pairs of wool socks)
  • Long underwear, top & bottom
  • Swimsuit (women for the canoe trip a two-piece is recommended… tankini style only)
  • Towels (at least 1 small one)
  • Hat (sun visor and a toque) • Sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Raincoat (wind-shell/Gortex)
  • Rain pants
  • Durable water bottle (Nalgene or metal)
  • Toothbrush, paste, soap, shampoo (biodegradable for canoe trip)
  • Insect repellent
  • Flashlight (small rechargeable is great!)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad/Therm-a-Rest 
  • Bible & notebook
  • Bandaids 
  •  Pets
  • Guns of any sort (including water, airsoft, paintball, Nerf, etc)
  • Radio, Electronic games, Cell Phones, tablets, computers, drones, etc.
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana, alcoholic beverages & illegal drugs
  • Valuable items which could be lost or damaged (jewelry, watches, expensive clothing)
  • Knives, matches/lighters
  • Peanuts & nut products
  • A decent pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots for the hike. If you’re buying new, be sure to spend time breaking these in before you arrive at camp. Blisters are no fun on a hiking trip. 
  • If you own a  60L backpack for hiking, but only if you have one. If not, the camp will provide one for you to use. 

Life at IAWAH

In an attempt to ease registration lines, we’ve divided registration arrival by camper’s last name*.

Last names starting with A-M : 2:45 pm arrival
Last name starting with N-Z: 3:15 pm arrival
CREW 1: July 3, 2022
CREW 3/Wild: July 31, 2022

*if you have multiple last names in the vehicle, choose one time for the whole car. 

Before Arrival

Sign in to your online account and finish any outstanding paperwork (including, waivers, medical forms, and tuck account deposits).

Upon Arrival

  1. Follow the registration signs. The more information you submit before you arrive the less you have to do on arrival day.
  2. Check-in with the medical staff regarding your medical status and submit all medications (original containers with manufacturer’s and/or pharmaceutical label and any applicable doctor’s orders are required).
  3. Meet your CREW leaders, get a CREW t-shirt, and settle into your accommodations. Orientation for work will be provided prior to beginning work shifts.

Departure Day is on the closing Saturday of your respective program between 10:00 am – 11:00am.
Remember to collect any medications from the medical staff, close your tuck account, take a tour past the lost and found, and sign out with your CREW leaders. 

Daily Schedule coming soon. 

Internet: CREW members will not have access to the internet for personal use.

Phone messages: Messages can be left at the Office at 613-273-5621. CREW members will not have direct access to a phone.  However, if you would like to call home on a day off, please bring along a prepaid phone card to use.

Mail:  CREW members can receive mail through the Camp IAWAH office. Please ensure that mail is sent using the following format: CREW member name, “CREW PROGRAM” c/o Camp IAWAH, 304 IAWAH Rd RR2 Godfrey ON K0H 1T0
Note: It usually takes 3-4 days longer to receive any postal mail because of the rural mail delivery system. Parcels can only be sent by courier as they are delivered directly to the IAWAH Office. IAWAH is not responsible for parcels and mail that arrives after the CREW member has left the program. 
Mail and Care packages can also be left in the care of the office staff with specific delivery notes. (ie. hand out on week 2)

Email: Camp IAWAH used an app called Bunk1 to help CREW members and parents communicate easily with each other. Read more about Bunk1.

Camp IAWAH uses Bunk1 to share photos of camp life. More information about how to sign up and access the online photos will be added soon. 

Bunk1 at IAWAH

Bunk Notes – Send an email to your camper.

Send Bunk Notes day or night from your computer or mobile device! Camp IAWAH receives a pdf at 3:00 am EST each day containing all Bunk Notes received in the last 24 hours. We print each Bunk Note and deliver them to your child at supper each day from Sunday to Friday.  IAWAH has gifted each camper 3 credits to try bunk notes out for free.

You can purchase more credits anytime in the Bunk Notes menu.

Successfully sent Bunk Notes will appear under Bunk Notes > View Sent.

Photo Gallery – See what your camper is up to. 

YDLP staff will capture photos of participants throughout their trip and time spent at IAWAH.  Some youth are like the illusive Polkaroo, and as hard as we try to catch them in action, they try just as hard to shy away from the camera. We’ll try our best though. Please note that while the participants are on their out-trips photos will not be uploaded consistently (or at all) as staff members need wifi or data signal to upload photos.

What to expect from the photo gallery

  • Within the gallery, save your favourite photos for easy access to pictures of your child all year-round. Select the heart icon to favourite.
  • Upload a profile photo of your child. Bunk1’s facial recognition will scan all the uploaded photos and notify you when we detect photos of your child. Facial recognition is an opt-in feature. 
    Share photos to social media or email a photo to your family members.
  • Save low-resolution photos to your phone for free.
  • Customize unique photo gifts such as photo books, mugs, calendars, phone cases and more (additional fees).
  • Order high-resolution digital downloads or prints.

How do I sign up for Bunk1?

  1. Go to Bunk1.com or download the parent app to your phone.
  2. Setup an account using the email that you registered your campers with along with the code: IAWAH2022 .
  3. Select their CREW program. Now you’re all set!

Bunk1 FAQ

You only need to purchase one package per child. The package/Bunk Credits will be available for every week your child is enrolled! If you use them up before your camper leaves camp, you can purchase additional credits. IAWAH has gifted you three credits to try bunk notes out.

The Bunk Notes service allows you to send a message to your child that will typically be delivered within 24 hours. Every day IAWAH receives 1 PDF document with all of the Bunk Notes that have been sent. They then print and distribute the notes into program  Tuck bins. YDLP Participants will always receive the notes on paper rather than on the computer. Please note: while participants are on their out-trips Bunk notes will not be deliverable. If you send a Bunk note while they are away it will be given to them upon their return to camp. 

Fun Notes are extra features you can add to enhance your Bunk Notes! You can add borders, photos, sudoku puzzles, and baseball scores.

Photos are uploaded every evening from Sunday to Friday. Occasionally IAWAH’s rural internet makes it difficult to upload photos. Please be patient as we work to both upload and take photos of your campers. While participants are on their out-trips photo uploading will be intermittent to non-existent as we need wifi/data to upload. Trip photos will be uploaded upon their return to camp. 

The Bunk1 team is available to support you 7 days a week throughout the summer. They guarantee a response within 24 hours and it’s usually much quicker than that. Call them at (212) 974-9112 or send an email to [email protected]