COVID-19 Guidelines for Guests

Guest & Volunteer Agreement

Please Read Carefully This is a Legal Document

This form must be read and signed by every volunteer/guest at Camp IAWAH. Volunteers/guests under the age of 18 must have this agreement signed by their parent/guardian.

Notice to Participants/Parents/Guardians

By signing this Event Acknowledgment and Waiver you are Acknowledging and Accepting the Risks Associated with this Event and Waiving your LEGAL RIGHTS including the Right to Sue.

IAWAH Christian Ministries regards safety as of utmost importance and endeavors to provide a safe and fun environment. However, activities (educational or recreational or volunteer work) such as those offered by Camp IAWAH do involve certain elements of risk. Accidents may result from the nature of the activity and can occur without any fault on either the part of the volunteer/guest or its employees or agents or IAWAH. These risks of participation can be reduced by carefully following instructions at all times.

Assumption of Risk

  • I understand and acknowledge that there are general risks and hazards and specific risks associated with the activities and work that will be undertaken at IAWAH and by choosing to participate in activities, programs or work at IAWAH Christian Ministries assuming full responsibility for the risk.

  • Waiver, Release and Indemnity

  • I understand and agree that IAWAH Christian Ministries, its directors, officers, employees, leaders (volunteer or otherwise), agents, representatives and affiliates (the “Released Parties”) take no responsibility or liability for any harm, loss or damage to myself or my personal items/property, or for any loss or claim that my family or any person representing any interest in me may have now or in the future, arising or resulting from my participation in activities, programs or work at Camp IAWAH.

  • I agree to release (not take legal action) and indemnify (reimburse, if someone else takes legal action) the Released Parties from any legal claims, damages or liability if I suffer harm, injury, death or damage to my personal items/property as a result of my participation in activities, programs or work at Camp IAWAH.

  • Medical/Emergency

  • I declare that I am physically sound and not suffering from any condition, impairment, infirmity or illness that would prevent me from participation in activities, programs or work at Camp IAWAH.

  • I agree that I will be fully responsible for all costs and expenses which may be incurred in providing any medical, emergency or other special services to myself in connection with the activities, programs or work at Camp IAWAH. Including but not limited to any and all costs of travel, medical attention or other special outlay for myself personally, and to reimburse the Released Parties and its staff for all costs of these services as may be incurred by them for my benefit or at my request.

  • I authorize the administration of any first aid treatment deemed necessary at Camp IAWAH. In the event that I require medication, X-ray or treatment beyond which is provided at Camp IAWAH, I consent to medical care and transportation to the appropriate medical facility and for any expenses incurred.

  • The Novel CoronaVirus (COVID19) Acknowledgement and Assumption on Risk

    The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. As a result, social distancing is recommended. By signing this I agree/acknowledge that:

  • I am not currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms nor have I had COVID-19 related symptoms in the last 5 days(vaccinated adults, and those under 12 years old) or 10 days (unvaccinated above 12 years old).

  • I have not provided care or had close contact with any person with COVID-19 or with any person reasonably suspected of having COVID-19 or with any person who traveled in an area under a travel health advisory in the last 5 days (vaccinated adults, and those under 12 years old). 10 days (unvaccinated above 12 years old).

  • I have not been advised by the Government of Canada or Ontario Public Health or my doctor or the Ontario Ministry of Health website to self-isolate due to possible exposure to COVID-19.

  • Participating in these activities may put me at a higher risk of contracting or being exposed to viruses or other illnesses that may be present in the general population and I nevertheless chose to participate in the activities and fully assume the risk of doing so.

  • I am fully aware of the risks and hazards with respect to COVID-19 inherent in my attendance at the Premises and participation.

  • I will follow the IAWAH rules for safe practice during this time of COVID-19, as mandated by the Province of Ontario.

  • Applicable Law/Jurisdiction


    Personal Information

    DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Enter: School name, Retreat Group Name, IAWAH Campground, IAWAH Event Name
    I give permission for the Participant(s) listed to participate in activities, programs or work at Camp IAWAH. I have read and understand this Acknowledgement and Waiver. I understand and accept the risks associated with the activities, programs, or work at Camp IAWAH. On my own behalf and on behalf of the Participant(s), I hereby agree to all the above terms, conditions, waivers, releases, and indemnities regarding the Participant’s participation in the Event. I understand and accept that IAWAH Christian Ministries takes no responsibility or liability for any loss to myself and all other persons who might have a claim under the Family Law Act (Ontario) or other law(s) as a result of the Participant participating in the Event. In the event of an emergency or medical necessity, I hereby authorize an adult representative of IAWAH Christian Ministries to make any necessary arrangements for the proper medical care of the Participant(s), and to give the required consents in connection therewith. I further authorize any medical, dental and/or emergency personnel selected by such adult representative to secure and provide necessary and proper medical treatment for the care of the Participant(s). I consent for the Participant(s) to be transported by ambulance to an emergency center for treatment. I understand that I will be notified as soon as possible in the event that an emergency arises requiring medical assistance and I assume all financial responsibility for any medical treatment (including transportation) for the Participant(s). I have reviewed this Acknowledgement and Waiver in its entirety before signing it and understand my rights and the content, meaning and impact of this Acknowledgement and Waiver.
    This includes all children and babies in your family/group. If this doesn’t apply type N/A.
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