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Achieve your school's learning outcomes in a beautiful and natural Eastern Ontario setting.

For over 40 years, schools across Eastern Ontario have found learning excellence and fun at IAWAH.


Flexible Programs

IAWAH offers a variety of programming and activity options that allow you to customize the experience to suit your curriculum and classroom.

Amazing Food

Our team will create a delicious and balanced menu working with you to design a menu that meets all your student’s dietary needs.

Natural Amenities

From a breath-taking lakefront with over 2500 meters of shoreline to our 220 acres with stunning hiking trails, IAWAH’s unique location is a truly inspiring backdrop.

“Your kind and respectful approach with students ensured that they had an experience which they will always remember.”
- Teacher

Day Programs

10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Short Day
Free Icebreakers
4 Activity Periods

10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Standard Day
Free Icebreakers
6 Activity Periods

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Extended Day
Free Icebreakers
6 Activity Periods
Home Cooked Supper
Campfire or Wide Game

Overnight Programs

10:00 am Arrival - 2:30 pm Departure

Standard Overnight
Free Icebreakers
5 Activity Periods
2 Hours of Water Play
Wide Game & Campfire
3 hours Team Challenge
Home Cooked Meals

10:00 AM Arrival - 5:00 pm Departure

Extended Overnight
Free Icebreakers
7 Activity Periods
2 Hours of Water Play
Wide Game & Campfire
3 hours Team Challenge
Home Cooked Meals
Grade 4-12
Day Use Fee
Overnight Stay


Rates are calculated on stay length and an amount of IAWAH programming. All fees are per student/supervisor.  Adult supervisors are only charged for the cost of IAWAH-provided meals. All fees are subject to HST. Costs are subject to change without notice.

“I know that the excursion will be a success when we come to IAWAH”
- Teacher

Amazing Activity Choices


Free! Start your camp experience with crazy get-to-know-you games, designed to introduce the staff and let off some steam after a long trip.


Students learn about equipment, technique and safety guidelines before beginning target shooting at the indoor or outdoor archery range. IAWAH uses both compound and Olympic recurve bows.

Grade 4 +

Shelter Building

Using creative thinking, problem solving and group cooperation, participants work to build a usable shelter to protect them from all types of weather.

Fire Building

Students work in small groups to design their own pit and build a fire. Technique and safety precautions in choosing a campfire location are covered as well as different fire building styles. A great activity for all seasons!


Orienteering is a recognized sport that uses a compass and a map to navigate through a series of checkpoints. Participants learn the parts of a compass, how to take bearings and read a map, and more. IAWAH’s orienteering courses offer a range of challenges for varying skill levels.

Grade 4 +

Pond Study

Students look at the complex relationships between animals and their environment and the diversity found in a pond ecosystem. Discover life forms of all shapes and sizes–aquatic macroinvertebrates, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals. This hands-on experience is sure to bring science to life.

Survival Game

In this engaging outdoor predator-prey game, students role-play as herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. The game is played over a large area and participants learn what it takes to survive as an animal in the wild. Students leave with an improved understanding of the diverse interactions within ecosystems including the impact of natural forges and human activity on animal populations. 

2 Activity Periods
Grade 4 



This program provides basic instruction in flat-water canoeing skills. Participants learn small-craft safety, equipment use, and paddling techniques through interactive games all while exploring Wolfe Lake. Groups may be assigned to a 7.9m voyageur canoe or traditional 5.2m tandem canoes. Keep your eyes open for  loons, turtles, and other wildlife. All participants must take the OPHEA required swim test before being allowed to go canoeing.

2 Activity Periods Grade 4 +

Indoor Climbing Wall

IAWAH’s large indoor wall has eight faces with climbs and bouldering routes ranging from beginner to advanced. Rock holds of varying sizes and textures allow participants to explore different techniques. Overhangs, inclined and micro-holds make the climbing wall an excellent choice for all ages and abilities. 

Low Ropes

IAWAH’s newly designed low ropes course is in a beautiful forest setting where 21 elements will challenge your group to work as a team as they learn and grow together. Each of the three areas of 7 elements, are designed to move your group through progressively increasing levels of difficulty, all facilitated by our trained staff to help gain the most from this unique team building experience.

Grade 4 +

Team Challenge

An excellent way to build your team through a series of well-constructed challenges; this program is custom designed for your unique group by our trained facilitation team. Team challenge consists of strategically designed problems presented sequentially, beginning with the entire group. As the challenge level increases, the group is divided into smaller teams where problem solving activities such as Crossing the Mule  is an option. This session also includes time in IAWAH’s low ropes area, where 21 challenges are available to continue group learning through experience. Guarding one another’s safety is a key component in the process. Whatever the dynamics or desired focus, IAWAH’s facilitators can design and lead a Team Challenge program that is right for you – rain or shine! 

3 Activity Periods – up to 72 Students

Grade 4 +

Archery Game

Not your regular archery session! Challenge another team in this exciting take on paintball, but without the pain and mess! Shoot out targets to win the game while avoiding being hit by the other team. This game is a fun, and very safe activity that encourages skills development through friendly competition.

Grade 7+

Water Games & Swim

Try out log rolling, greased watermelon game, sandcastle building, and other fun supervised water activities, and free-swim time in refreshing Wolfe Lake. OPHEA-required swim tests are done before any students are allowed to participate in any water activity. 

2 Activity Periods

Wide Games

Get a taste of classic summer camp! Large group games like Capture the Flag or IAWAH’s own Brog. Wide Games are organized and run by our trained and sometimes crazy, staff. 


Enjoy sitting by a warm fire, singing silly camp songs and acting out crazy skits, led by IAWAH’s awesome staff. As an option, your snack can be served fireside.  

“I watched a student develop into a leader" - Teacher

What It's Like To Stay At IAWAH

For over 50 years IAWAH has been providing camp experiences to schools across eastern Ontario. Our facilities reflect an ongoing commitment to experiencing the best of nature and our beautiful, rustic setting along the shore of Wolfe Lake

Room Experience

Our Cabins and Tabins are the quintessential camp experience and are outfitted with single-mattress bunks.  IAWAH Lodge and Debyshire Lodge offer dorm style accommodation with single-mattress bunks and shared washroom facilities. Bush Lodge offers single-mattress bunks, double occupancy beds and in-room washrooms. 

Cabin Map
IAWAH Lodge Floor Plan
Bush Lodge Floor Plan

Meals at IAWAH

Community and connection are a big part of the IAWAH experience that often happens around a great meal. Our culinary team is excited to serve you and your group a variety of tasty options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Meals include a variety of options like soups, salads, fruit, and desserts at dinner. 

Choose our set menu or coordinate with our team for any dietary restrictions and special requests for your group.  

Group-led Activities

With your own supervisors present, school groups are always welcome to participate in  the following free of charge :

  • Tetherball – 7 different courts are available around camp
  • Gaga-ball – 2 Gaga-ball pits are located around camp
  • Soccer – IAWAH has one soccer field and nets
  • Basketball – We have both indoor and outdoor nets and courts available
  • Beach Volleyball – Our sandy court is located near the beach
  • Hike – Ask your host for a map and take your class on a group-led exploration of some of IAWAH’s many hiking trails. 
  • Group-led Campfire – We’ll get the fire going, but you’ll provide the entertainment.

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