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REACH Overview

REACH is a program designed to expose and challenge participants in their understanding of Christian leadership in a cross-cultural context. For 2022 IAWAH is offering two opportunities: Latin America and Constance Lake First Nation. Both programs focus on gaining a sociological and theological understanding of our responsibility as Christ-followers in helping to alleviate poverty.

In Latin America, the group will join the leadership team of Camp La Cumbre, as we prepare and assist in running a camp for youth from some of the most challenging communities of San José. During our second week, we will take on a physical challenge through an incredible hike from continental divide to the beautiful rain forest of the Pacific coast, finishing with a well-deserved break at the beach. We complete our time in San José, learning how God is working in that city through visiting and participating in various strategic ministries to students and the most vulnerable.

Situated in Northern Ontario, our Constance Lake First Nation experience is a three-week program where we first spend time living in the community to learn from the elders, community members, and the chief. We will be serving where needed as determined by the community, which may involve participating in youth programs and preparing to serve the children of the community by leading a day camp alongside community leaders. We will spend time visiting historically significant places in the area and finish with some canoeing and hiking in and around Lake Superior national park – another significant area to the First Nation people of the region.

It is important that our young people understand the challenges that our nation faces with its First Nations people, to rid ourselves of negative stereotypes and understand what part we can play in healing broken relationships. IAWAH will be building upon a long-standing relationship that Bethel Church Kingston has with Constance Lake and is entering upon a personal invitation of the Band’s Chief. Previous canoe tripping experience is not required.

Be prepared for a learning experience like no other!