IAWAH Open House, Saturday May 20, 2023

Summer Activities

Water Activities



Explore the lake one stroke at a time.

Learn the basics of canoeing, small craft safety, paddling strokes, and canoe-over-canoe rescues while playing canoeing games and paddling around Wolfe lake.

boys fishing in a boat


Will you catch the big one?

The IAWAH shores host many amazing fishing spots. Hop onto our quirky fishing barge to try and catch a sunfish, perch, pickerel, or bass.  Certified staff will be there to teach you the skills you need to land your first big one. 


Try a speedy solo ride-on kayak.

Kayaking is always a favourite activity at IAWAH. Our Ride-on style kayaks provide lots of stability for kayak trips to see the turtles in the bay and for crazy games too. Learn the basics of how to paddle by trained staff and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

Ski & Board

Ride the wake and master a 360.

Learn how to knee-board, water ski and perhaps try something more challenging like wake-surfing. IAWAH’s ski and board program is adapted for all levels, right from beginners. Ski and Board Focus Program includes up to 3 hours of focused instruction each day. Campers not signed up for Ski & Board Focus Activity will have the opportunity to try out the activity with their cabin. 

Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Can you keep your balance?

This laidback class is perfect for campers who love being out on the water. Paddleboarding can be a fun way to chill on the lake with friends, but it can also be a great physical challenge...


There is something for everyone.

Swimming is so much more than an hour spent in the water. IAWAH’s beach is the perfect place to hang out on a hot summer day. Try out our BLOB, and other water toys or enter a cannon-ball competition. Looking to chill?  Design a massive sand sculpture or chat with friends on the dock or at a shady picnic table.

Land Activities


Give it your best shot!

Learn how to hit that bullseye with a variety of bows, from Olympic recurves, compounds and even a crossbow. Campers will learn all the basics of archery from how to string a bow to shooting techniques and have lots of time to practice their skills.

Archery Tag

Next level archery fun.

A unique take on paintball, but without the mess. This game is perfect for challenging another cabin to an archery dual on the playing field. With protective barriers for cover, shoot out all the opposing team’s targets while avoiding getting hit yourself. Players use protective masks and use arrows with large foam heads.


Can you reach the top?

IAWAH’s large indoor wall has eight faces with climbs and bouldering routes ranging from beginner to advanced. For additional challenge campers also have the option of participating in climbing races, timed or blindfolded climbs, and other games. There will also be opportunity for outdoor rock climbing and rappelling.

Disc Golf

NEW for summer 2023!

Learn the skills of frisbee golf on our new course. Set in and around the grounds of IAWAH, players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee towards the basket, throwing again from where the previous throw landed, until the basket is reached.

Gaga Ball

A cabin favourite.

What’s Gaga Ball? It is a dodgeball-like game that is played in an octagonal ring known the gaga pit. The game requires players to hit, run, jump and dodge the ball. Players hit the ball at each other with an open hand, and are eliminated if the ball hits them from the waist down. Whether it’s a tournament, cabin vs. cabin or “last one standing” this game is a blast for campers of all ages!


Low Ropes Challenge

Work together to overcome the challenge.

The low ropes course is located in a beautiful forest setting where 21 elements will challenge your cabin to work as a team as you learn together. Each of the three areas of 7 elements, are designed to move your group through progressively increasing levels of difficulty, all facilitated by our trained staff to help gain the most from this unique team building experience.

Mountain Biking

Will you keep to the track?

Bring your mountain biking skills to a whole new level! Campers will enjoy learning practical skills and technique in cross-country single track, bike maintenance and a challenge course designed for bikes (boardwalks, ramps, jumps and more).

Sports & Turf Games

Classic sports and fun lawn games.

Ball Hockey, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Soccer… and other great classic sports can be played on our courts and fields. In addition to the more traditional sports, our leaders have a whole host of great games like Bocce, Kubb, Toss-a-Wash, and Ladder Golf to keep everyone having a great time as a team or individually.

Wilderness Skills

Camp Craft IAWAH style.

Try something new each day and explore the wilds of IAWAH’s great property. The week includes fire-building & s’mores, frog catching, shelters, traps, forts, & more!

Faithfully growing the talent, gifts and confidence of our youth.

Creative Activities

Arts & Crafts

Create amazing things.

Campers choose from a few different projects weekly and enjoy creating artwork with paints, chalk pastels, and other fine art mediums. They are also excited to create classic camp crafts like friendship bracelets, sock puppets and picture frames.  There is always something fun happening in the Arts & Crafts area. 

Cake Baking

Bake tasty treats to share!

Campers spend time learning how to design, bake, and decorate their cakes before the reward of getting to try them out with the whole camp. A fun and relaxing activity with a great reward at the end!

Rockets & Projectiles


In this super fun activity, campers will learn about propulsion by making water bottle rockets, water balloon launchers, a potato gun and a host of other great projects involving science and fun. Campers sign up for this activity while onsite. This activity takes two activity periods

Tie-dye a Camp T

Create a one of a kind Camp T.

Every full week camper receives a free Camp IAWAH T shirt. This is the chance to make yours unique. Spend some time creating your design, selecting colours and dying your shirt.