COVID-19 Guidelines for Guests

Welcome to Summer Camps!

We’re so excited that you’re coming to stay with us at IAWAH this summer. Whether you’re coming for a half-week, full-week, or multiple weeks we’re sure you’re going to have so much fun trying out new activities with friends, playing crazy games, and challenging yourself!  

Below you’ll find all kinds of important information for all summer campers (Jump Start, Junior Camp, Senior Camp, Adventure Camp, Explorer Canoe Trip & RISE). Please read over the information carefully and refer back to it as needed as you prepare yourself and your child for camp. 



In an attempt to ease registration lines, we’ve divided registration arrival by camper’s last name*.

Last names starting with A-M: 2:45 pm arrival
Last name starting with N-Z: 3:15 pm arrival

*if you have multiple last names in the vehicle, choose one time for the whole car. 

Registration begins on Sunday for every program.  To ensure registration flows smoothly, please help us by ensuring you’ve completed and submitted all your forms online before arrival. 


De-registration and Departure happen on Saturday between 10:00 and 11:00 am for full-week programs. 
Jump Start wrap-up and departure happens on Wednesday at 6:00 pm. 

Important Info

View IAWAH’s Covid-19 information

Medical staff is on-site twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Summer Campers who need daily medications will visit medical staff upon arrival to hand in any prescriptions/medications and have a quick chat. Medical staff will be present before/after every meal and snack time to dispense medications and address any other non-emergent matters. 

All medication must be in the original container with the manufacturer’s label or with the doctor’s orders from the pharmacist. 

Emergencies will be dealt with as per the signed consent on the Member’s Application Form. In addition to the dedicated medical staff onsite, all IAWAH full-time staff hold their current Standard First Aid & CPR-C. 

Come to Camp prepared to unplug from your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices. Electronic devices tend to isolate campers. Our goal is to step away from technology for a bit and experience new things without an electronic connection.  Cell phones, computers, tablets, gaming devices, DVD players, and any other media devices are not permitted.

The Tuck Shop stocks IAWAH clothing, souvenirs, and a variety of candy products.  Summer Campers are limited to a maximum of $3.00/day for all candy, drinks and things from the freezer(freezies, ice cream sandwiches etc.) Items such as bug spray, and toothpaste can be purchased anytime.  IAWAH merchandise can be purchased during registration and de-registration. Tuck accounts can be set up through your online account or on Registration Day using cash, credit card, or debit card. Visit the Tuck Shop online to get a preview of what we offer.  If you’re child is running out of Tuck money, you can call the office to top up their tuck account. 

Bridge Campers and RISE participants can pay for a load of laundry to be done on the Saturday or Sunday of Bridge camp.  This can be purchased through your online account before arriving at camp. Laundry service is not something that IAWAH offers to 1/2 week (Jump Start) or full-week (Jr. Camp Sr. Camp, Adventure Camp) campers. However, if your child has an accident in their bedding, the Cabin Leader will discretely remove the bedding (replacing it temporarily with IAWAH bedding) and PJs, wash it and return it. 

Camp is full of activity, exploration, and adventure. Because of this, we ask that you don’t bring your favorite things to camp. We don’t want you worried about ruining your favourite shirt, or getting mud all over the new shoes your grandma just bought you. We want you to be free to have fun.  When packing, consider bringing clothes that are okay to get paint on, or muddy. 

Also, think about sun safety. Rash guards (or a t-shirt) over bathing suits are smart choices. Nothing makes camp less enjoyable than accidentally getting a sunburn. 

Finally, we request that you leave clothing with rude or questionable slogans and images at home. 

Let's get Packing

This is the exciting part – Please pack carefully and wisely. Prepare for the outdoors: rain, sun, swimming, and exploring the woods. Pack enough to be comfortable but leave items that aren’t necessary or allowed at home (see Cell phones & electronics). 

LABEL EVERYTHING! IAWAH is not responsible for lost items. All Lost and Found items will be displayed at the end of each session. The following list is intended to guide you as you pack and unpack and repack. Enjoy! 

  • Running shoes 
  •  Sandals, flip-flops, or an extra pair of runners.
  • Pants & shorts 
  • Sweater & long sleeve shirt
  • T-shirts
  • Socks & underwear
  • Swimsuit or two. Leave skimpy swimwear (bikinis/speedo briefs) at home please as they tend to fall off in the water. 
  • Towels (1 beach, 1 shower)
  • Hat 
  • Sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen
  • Raincoat 
  • Durable water bottle with your name on it.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo 
  • Insect repellent
  • Flashlight (small rechargeable is great!)
  • Pillow & sleeping bag or single sheets & a light blanket
  • Bible & notebook (if you have them)
  • Camping sleeping pad (RISE only)
  • Pets
  • Guns of any sort (including water, airsoft, paintball, Nerf, etc)
  • Radio, Electronic games, Cell Phones, tablets, computers, drones, etc.
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana, alcoholic beverages & illegal drugs
  • Valuable items which could be lost or damaged (jewelry, watches, expensive clothing)
  • Knives, matches/lighters
  • Peanuts & nut products

Download the IAWAH canoe trip packing list and information. 

Life at IAWAH

Registration is from 3:00pm-4:00pm on the Sunday of your camp. Please do not arrive early.

Before Arrival

Sign in to your online account and finish any outstanding paperwork (including, waivers, medical forms, and tuck account deposits).

Upon Arrival

  1. Follow the registration signs. The more information you submit before you arrive the less you have to do on arrival day.
  2. If needed, ceck-in with the medical staff regarding your medical status and submit all medications (original containers with manufacturer’s and/or pharmaceutical label and any applicable doctor’s orders are required).
  3. Meet your Cabin leaders, and settle into your accommodations. 
  4. Say goodbye to whomever brought you and get to know your fellow cabin-mates. 

Departure Day is on the closing Saturday of your camp between 10:00 am – 11:00am. (Wednesday at 6:00 pm for Jump Start) 
Remember to collect any medications from the medical staff, close your tuck account, take a tour past the lost and found, and sign out with your Cabin Leader. 

Bridge Camp happens from Saturday at 10:00 am to Sunday at 3:00 pm. This camp is a mix of activities, relaxing, and preparing for the next week of camp.

Internet: Summer Campers do not have access to the internet.

Phone messages: In the event of an emergency, messages can be left at the office at 613-273-5621. Summer Campers do not have access to a phone to return a call or have a chat.

Mail:  Campers can receive mail through the Camp IAWAH office. Please ensure that mail is sent using the following format: Camper Name, “Camper” c/o Camp IAWAH, 304 IAWAH Rd RR2 Godfrey ON K0H 1T0
Note: It usually takes 3-4 days longer to receive any postal mail because of the rural mail delivery system. Parcels can only be sent by courier as they are delivered directly to the IAWAH Office. IAWAH is not responsible for parcels and mail that arrives after the camper has left the program.
Mail and care packages can also be left in the care of the office staff with specific delivery notes. (ie. hand out on week 2)

Email: Camp IAWAH uses an app called Bunk1 to help campers and parents communicate easily with each other. Scroll down for more info.

Time to Eat!

The IAWAH Kitchen prides itself on its outstanding home-cooked meals. We know kids can be picky, but with our many options, we can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

Breakfast: Every-day campers will have access to a hot & cold cereal bar, toast bar, fruit & yogurt. In addition, a main meal such as bacon, scrambled eggs, and hash browns will be served. 

Lunch: After a morning full of adventure, campers will be hungry for the variety of lunch options at IAWAH. Daily, the kitchen staff makes homemade soups and a large salad bar. We don’t want to give away all the secrets, but lunch often includes one of the following: tacos, grilled cheese, or chicken burgers among other tasty options. 

Supper:  Supper is often raved about! In fact, we’ve heard that people dream about IAWAH lasagna! The last meal of the day is always a homemade classic such as spaghetti, meat sauce (with hidden veggies), caesar salad, and warm homemade bread. Or, roast chicken, mixed veggies, fresh bread, and rice. Supper is always finished off with dessert, throughout the week, campers will try out cupcakes, brownies, popsicles, and more. 

Snack: To end the day we enjoy a snack that is typically a mix of fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, bananas) and a muffin, hearty cookie, party mix, or chips and salsa. 

Food Allergies and Dietary Needs: The IAWAH kitchen cooks for a variety of allergies and dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, peanut free, and gluten-free. They make every attempt to ensure these meals are as similar as possible to the rest of the food being served. Be sure to mention any food allergies in your medical form. If you have additional concerns our cook would love to chat with you. 

Customize your Camp-T

This year IAWAH has ordered a white IAWAH T-shirt for every camper attending Jump Start, Junior Camp, Senior Camp, Adventure Camp, and RISE.  During their week at IAWAH, campers will be given the opportunity to Tye-die their T-shirt.  We will provide disposable gloves and take precautions to minimize dye getting onto their clothing, but we cannot guarantee this. While packing, you may wish to identify a set of clothes that can be worn while doing this activity and for any other messy games we may play. 

Sample Daily Schedule

Junior & Senior Camp
Jump Start
RISE & Adventure Camp
7:15 AM
Polar Dip
Polar Dip
Polar Dip
7:45 AM
8:30 AM
Activity 1/Focus program
Cabin Activity
Activity 1/Focus Program
9:45 AM
Activity 2/Focus Program
Cabin Activity
Activity 2/Focus Program
11:00 AM
Cabin Activity
Cabin Activity
Cabin Activity
12:00 PM
12:45 PM
Wide Game & Swim
Wide Game & Swim
Wide Game & Swim
2:45 PM
Rest Time/Tuck
Rest Time/Tuck
Rest Time/Tuck
3:30 PM
Activity 3
Jump Start Activity
RISE/Adventure Camp Activity
4:30 PM
Activity 4
Jump Start Activity
RISE/Adventure Camp Activity
5:30 PM
6:15 PM
Structured Free-time
Structured Free-time
Structured Free-time
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Devos/Snack – Jr. Camp at Campfire
Devos/Snack – Jump Start at Campfire
8:00 PM
Devos Sr. Snack – Dining Hall
Devos – RISE/Adventure Camp, Snack – Dining Hall
8:30 PM
Lights out Jr. Camp
Lights Out Jump Start
9:30 PM
Lights out Sr. Camp
Lights out RISE/Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp


Explorer Canoe Trip

Boys’ and Girls’ Adventure camp is designed to capture the best of Sr. Camp and then add a little bit extra. Adventure campers follow the daily schedule of Sr. Camp except for their afternoon Activity slots. During the afternoons they do activities designed specifically for adventure camp. In the past, these activities have been canoeing to the cliffs to go cliff jumping, an epic game of archery tag in the woods, building shelters and sleeping in them, learning to whittle, playing on the slack-line, or biking to Judy’s pond. The activities that we choose for each week highlight our Adventure camp staff’s unique skill set.

The Explorer Canoe Trip begins and ends at IAWAH. Upon Arrival campers meet their fellow trip mates and begin to get to know each other. On Sunday afternoon they take a swim test, learn about canoeing and safety on the water and around the campfire, and begin to pack for the trip. On Monday morning, after an early breakfast, Canoe trippers finish their final pack up and they head out to the river. They will be on the river until Friday mid-day. Upon returning to camp, the canoe trippers will unpack, put away their gear, and take a much-needed shower. They will eat supper with the rest of the campers and enjoy an evening program together. They depart with the rest of the campers on Saturday morning between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.
Staffing: The canoe trip is staffed by two staff who between them hold the following skills and qualifications.

  • Wilderness First Aid and/or Standard First Aid with CPR-C
  • Life guarding qualifications (Bronze Cross, or NLS)
  • Canoe tripping experience
  • Cabin/team-leading experience and training
  • Plan to protect training

RISE Leadership Program

RISE Leadership Program is a two-week program designed to enhance camp for those who have finished grade 8 and are 13/14 years of age. Each afternoon RISE campers experience a bit of what it is like to serve at IAWAH. Among other things, they spend time planning large group games, shadowing activity areas, and helping out with Jump Start campers.  On the weekend between their first and second week, they go on a mini out-trip, spending an overnight at the Foley Mountain Conservation area. In preparation for this trip, they learn how to cook over a fire, set up tents, and canoe.  The RISE program is intended to be a transitional program between being a camper at IAWAH and being a leadership program participant. 

Bunk 1 at IAWAH

Bunk Notes – Send an email to your camper.

Send Bunk Notes day or night from your computer or mobile device! Camp IAWAH receives a pdf at 3:00 am EST each day containing all Bunk Notes received in the last 24 hours. We print each Bunk Note and deliver them to your child at supper each day from Sunday to Friday.  IAWAH has gifted each camper 3 credits to try bunk notes out for free.

You can purchase more credits anytime in the Bunk Notes menu.

Successfully sent Bunk Notes will appear under Bunk Notes > View Sent.

Photo Gallery – See what your camper is up to. 

Sunday through Friday the IAWAH photographer will work to capture life at camp through photos of campers, activity areas, large group games, and other fun experiences.  They will make every effort to capture your camper daily.  Some campers are like the illusive Polkaroo, and as hard as we try to catch them in action, they try just as hard to shy away from the camera. We’ll try our best though. 

What to expect from the photo gallery

  • Within the gallery, save your favourite photos for easy access to pictures of your child all year-round. Select the heart icon to favourite.
  • Upload a profile photo of your child. Bunk1’s facial recognition will scan all the uploaded photos and notify you when we detect photos of your child. Facial recognition is an opt-in feature. 
    Share photos to social media or email a photo to your family members.
  • Save low-resolution photos to your phone for free.
  • Customize unique photo gifts such as photo books, mugs, calendars, phone cases and more (additional fees).
  • Order high-resolution digital downloads or prints.

Sample Packages

When you login you will be prompted to select a bundle for access to your Parent Portal. Bundles include credits for you to send Bunk Notes, receive Bunk Replies, and enhance your notes with borders, photos, sports scores, and puzzles.  The Freemium package is available to everyone.  Larger plans are available on the Bunk1 app. The larger packages are best for guests participating in CREW & ROOTs or multi-week campers. 


Try it out.
$ 0
  • 3 Free Credits to send Bunk Notes
  • View and Download Photos


Send a few notes.
$ 10
  • 3 Free Credits to send Bunk Notes
  • View and Download Photos
  • 10 additional credits to use towards Bunk Notes and Bunk Replies.


Send notes. Often.
$ 25
  • 3 Free Credits to send Bunk Notes
  • View and Download Photos
  • 30 additional credits to use towards Bunk Notes and Bunk Replies.

How do I sign up for Bunk1?

  1. Go to or download the parent app to your phone.
  2. Setup an account using the email that you registered your campers with along with the code: IAWAH2022
  3. On registration day you will be given your campers cabin name. The app/program will prompt you to select a cabin. Now you’re all set!

FAQ about Bunk1

You only need to purchase one package per child. The package/Bunk Credits will be available for every week your child is enrolled! If you use them up before your camper leaves camp, you can purchase additional credits. 

The Bunk Notes service allows you to send a message to your child that will typically be delivered within 24 hours. Every day IAWAH receives 1 PDF document with all of the Bunk Notes that have been sent. They then print and distribute the notes into Cabin Tuck bins. Campers will always receive the notes on paper rather than on the computer.

Fun Notes are extra features you can add to enhance your Bunk Notes! You can add borders, photos, sudoku puzzles, and baseball scores.

Photos are uploaded every evening from Sunday to Friday. Occasionally IAWAH’s rural internet makes it difficult to upload photos. Please be patient as we work to both upload and take photos of your campers. 

The Bunk1 team is available to support you 7 days a week throughout the summer. They guarantee a response within 24 hours and it’s usually much quicker than that. Call them at (212) 974-9112 or send an email to [email protected]

Where is Camp IAWAH?

Camp IAWAH is located at:

304 IAWAH Road, RR# 2 Godfrey Ontario, K0H 1T0