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Summer Camps

Completed Grade 1-2

Completed Grade 3-4

Completed Grade 5-8

Completed Grade 8


IAWAH campers can expect an amazing week of fun, friends, growth and learning in an overnight session. Campers spend the day exploring a variety of land and water activities on and around beautiful Wolfe Lake. They will get to know God through music, nature, small group devotions and engaging speakers. Campers can jump right into their adventure with the support of fun, caring and experienced staff.

Overnight Camps

Jump Start | Co-Ed

Completed Gr. 1-2 | Turning 7 or 8 This Year

Jump Start is a half-week introduction to IAWAH. The small group setting and attentive staff provide a supportive atmosphere for a quality camp experience. Their three days are packed with crazy events, exploring the lake, climbing, swimming, crafts, and campfires. Activities are designed to allow campers to try new activities in an exciting, small group environment under careful supervision. Wacky games, cabin time, and the IAWAH beach are daily highlights. The abbreviated length of Jump Start is perfect for campers who are not sure if they are ready to be away from home for a whole week.

Duration: 3 Nights
Availability: Weeks 1, 2, 6 & 7
Fees: $345

Junior Camp | Co-Ed

Completed Gr. 3-4 | Turning 9 or 10 This Year

Junior Camps run alongside Sr. Camps but are based in their own cabin village. With a maximum staff to camper ratio of 1:4, and a small camp size, they are well cared for by our Junior Camp staff. Campers can expect to climb to the top of the wall or ride over the wake with a friend; kayak to the bay to see turtles; or aim for the bull’s eye at archery. A new adventure awaits them every day. Throughout the week, campers make new friends, develop new skills and learn about God’s plan for their lives, in a safe, secure, non-competitive environment.

Duration: 6 Nights
Availability: Weeks 1-3, 5-7
Fees: $695

Senior Camp | Co-Ed

Completed Gr. 5-8 | Turning 11-14 This Year

Senior Campers jump into an action-packed week of adventure while growing in confidence, learning about God’s plan for their lives, and making lifelong friendships. Campers can pre-register for a morning focus activity (2 hours of the same activity every morning), or they can select new morning activities daily. Each afternoon all senior campers sign up for the activities of their choice. They may choose to explore the bay on a stand-up paddleboard; work as a team with new friends at IAWAH’s Archery Game; or race around the mountain bike skills course. Evenings are packed with epic camp-wide games, swims, campfires and cabin devotions. 

Duration: 6 Nights
Availability: Weeks 1-3, 5-7
Fees: $695

Adventure Camp | Co-Ed

Completed Gr. 5-8 | Turning 11-14 This Year

Looking for something more? IAWAH’s Adventure week is an exciting program made for campers who are looking for that “extra” in extraordinary. It’s like going to a regular week of camp, but way better! It’s a week of camp custom-designed for campers who love adventure and exploration. How do we pack a week extra full of adventure?

Stay close to nature. Campers in our Adventure Camp programs stay in their own village.

Small groups for big adventure. With a maximum of 30 campers, this program thrives in the small community.

Measured risk. Taught by staff who love the outdoors, Adventure campers learn cool outdoor skills and crafts, carve wood, explore the forest, learn survival techniques, shoot arrows, climb, get dirty and so much more.

A taste of regular camp. Campers spend meals, Prime Time, morning activities, and most evening games with the rest of camp. The opportunity to sign up for a Focus program, such as Ski & Board and others, is still available for each morning.

Duration: 6 Nights
Availability: Girls Week 3, Boys Week 5
Fees: $695

'Our daughter came home super happy about experiencing many new activities... She learns great values at IAWAH. She wants to go back every summer.'
- Parent

Other Experiences

Explorer Canoe Trip

Completed Gr. 5-8 | Turning 11-14 This Year

Join us this summer for an amazing paddling adventure!  Picture this. You, seven other campers, and two experienced and qualified guides paddling through some of Ontario’s most beautiful wilderness–Algonquin Park.  Learn to paddle through lakes, rivers, and small rapids during the day. While evenings around the campfire allow for a relaxed supper and time to chat about your crazy adventures. All the skills you need to succeed on the trip are taught before the trip departs or along the way. Trips begin and end at IAWAH; equipment and transportation is provided. Guides are experienced wilderness travellers and certified in canoeing, tripping, first aid, lifeguarding, and have river rescue training.

Day Camp | Co-Ed

Completed Gr. 1-6 | Turning 7-12 This Year

New for 2022 Day Camp at IAWAH & week 4 Campground. Monday July 25 to Friday, July 29, 2022. 

We’re looking forward to having your children join us for an exciting program of fun activities like archery, sports, voyageur canoeing, crafts, water games, singing, and biblical teaching – all from a well-trained group of young adults and staff. At the end of the week, the whole family is invited to a free BBQ dinner and highlights slide show.

Bridge Stay-Over

Completed Gr. 3-8 | Turning 7 or 8 This Year

Junior Camp, Senior Camp, and Adventure Camp can take advantage of Bridge camps. Bridge camps allow campers to stay-over between two consecutive weeks of camp. The weekend includes a combination of fun programming with laid-back activities to allow kids to recharge before their second week of camp. Bridge campers also have the opportunity (with assistance) to do a load of laundry (wash and dry – included in price).

RISE Leadership

Completed Gr. 8 | Turning 13 or 14 This Year

Whether you’ve been coming to camp for a while, or this is your first IAWAH summer, we have a leadership program designed especially for campers aged 13-14. The RISE Program is an introduction to YDLP (Youth Development & Leadership Program), where campers can participate in all the fun stuff camp has to offer, but also be involved in a supervised leadership role. Grow in self-confidence and independence as you work in a team to help create and run some awesome camp programs, or work alongside some of our experienced cabin leaders as you help lead our Jump Start campers in daily activities and programs. The RISE Program offers valuable experience in the area of leadership, personal growth and independence within a strong community of friendship and support.

Prerequisites for RISE Program Must have completed grade 8 and be turning 13 or 14 this year.

'IAWAH is a wonderful place for children to learn about and experience God’s love.'
- Parent

2022 Dates & Rates

We are busy planning for summer 2022 – and looking forward to offering a fuller array of programming. Dates and rates for all 2022 programs are listed below.


Before June 15, a non-refundable deposit of $100 Summer Camps; $75 Jump Start; $50.00 full-week Day Camp; $35.00/pay-in-full single day registrations is required for each camp session to secure your place, with the balance due by June 15. 

Payment Options

A variety of payment plans are available during the online registration process.  If you are interested in an alternate payment plan, connect with us

  • Visa/MasterCard – can be set up online during the registration process. 
  • E-transfer – Send to [email protected] (remember to tell us what the E-transfer is for)
  • Cheque – made out to IAWAH Christian Ministries

  After June 15, payment in full is required.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available by application to the CampKIDS Bursary Fund. Please apply prior to submitting your camper’s summer camp registration. 

CampKIDS Bursary Application


IAWAH maintains waitlists for all full summer sessions. Find out more by contacting the Registrar. 

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Week 9
July 03-09
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July 24-30
July 31 – Aug 6
August 7-13
August 14-20
August 21-27
Aug. 28 – Sep. 3

* Weeks 4, 8 & 9 are Campground weeks. Click here for more information.
** Additional $100 Fee for Gr.5-8 campers choosing a Ski & Board Focus.
*** All fees exclusive of HST.
**** Click any populated cell to register.



Sunday 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
When you arrive at camp, you will be greeted by staff who will direct you to the parking area and get you started with the registration process. We are here to help you.

Jr. & Sr. Campers: Saturday 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Please sign out campers at the tent between 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM. The IAWAH Tuck Shop is open between 9:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Jump Start Campers: Wednesday 6:30 PM
A Short closing program will be provided at the Gymnasium beginning at 9:30 AM (for Jumpstart, 6:30 PM). 

*Note: Please do not bring pets of any sort to camp. If a pet has to accompany its family on registration or departure days, we ask that you kindly keep it within the parking area. Thank-you.

For all campers, the process begins in your vehicle when you receive one or more coloured cards to guide you through registration. This card indicates what parts of registration you still need to attend to. Please keep this card available throughout the process.

Lice check will be completed for each camper upon arrival. If a camper is found to have lice, a treatment package can be purchased from IAWAH. IAWAH will provide a place for the parent/guardian to complete treatment. Only when treatment has been completed and the camper approved by an IAWAH lice checker, can the camper continue through the registration process.

Visit with the Medical staff member onsite for the week: This is not mandatory for all campers. However, if the camper has environmental or food related allergies, is taking medication, or has other health needs both the camper and parent/guardian need to visit with the medical staff to hand in medications and review the camper’s medical needs.

Getting settled into your accommodations: One of our outstanding staff members will guide campers along with parents/guardians to their accommodation for the week and introduce campers to their cabin leader(s).

After registration, campers will participate in small group games within their village of cabins and then enjoy their first supper. After supper, campers will be introduced to some of our supervisory staff and participate in an orientation to IAWAH’s emergency procedures and community living expectations.

Yes! Campers love mail.

Snail Mail: The easiest way to “send” traditional mail to your camper is to write the letters before camp and hand them in to the office staff. This will ensure that the mail actually reaches them and is not lost or delayed by the postal service. Packages do not arrive directly to camp and we cannot guarantee that a package will arrive while your camper is at IAWAH. 


Mail: Mail may be sent by using the following address label:

Attn: Camper’s name & Cabin Name & Week Attending
304 IAWAH Rd
RR 2
Godfrey ON
K0H 1T0
Email Service: new info coming soon.

Photos from your campers’ session will be uploaded to a secure photo gallery throughout the week. Access to the secure gallery will be provided to the primary parent email address on file on the Monday of the session.

We recommend that campers see their family physician for a general health check prior to coming to Camp. We do not require a medical form/record completed by a physician. In order to provide the best health care to your child, it is imperative that we have current medical information. You may make changes and update information through your MyCampIAWAH account or by contacting the Registrar.

Medical Staff: IAWAH Volunteer medical staff are on site 24 hours a day. In the event that the camper requires medical treatment beyond that which we can offer at Camp, the Medical Staff will ensure transportation to a local hospital. Medical Staff will make every effort to contact a parent/guardian as soon as possible, and an IAWAH staff member will stay with the camper for the duration of the emergency and/or until a parent/guardian arrives.

The Camp Medical Staff will administer all medication. If you are sending non-prescription medication to Camp, it must be in the original container with the manufacturer’s label. All prescription medication must be in the original container with the doctor’s orders from the pharmacist. The Medical Staff will collect all medications at Registration.

Sun Safety: Campers are expected to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun. Campers are expected to bring and use sun protection i.e. hats and sunblock/screen. Campers will be reminded to use sunscreen and to make good choices regarding sun safety. During extremely hot temperatures IAWAH staff will modify activities to reduce sun and heat exposure and offer more water breaks.

Footwear: The vast majority of foot injuries are preventable. IAWAH expects that campers will wear appropriate footwear at all times. Closed-toed shoes are expected to be worn during specific activities and when in the woods.