IAWAH Open House, Saturday May 20, 2023

Topic: Youth & Family Experiences

We were able to get away from the stress of life – and really felt at peace.

The young people who staff this place are wonderful. They are gracious and serious in their service of campers – and also, quite the riot when the occasion calls for it.

This is one of the very few places where folks with very different faith traditions come together.

Thank God for IAWAH – Our lives will be changed forever. We will always consider ourselves a part of the family at IAWAH.


FAQs Where will our family stay? Families have a choice of the use of the rooms in our winterized lodges or staying in cabins. Some of the winterized lodge accommodations have centrally located washrooms (Derbyshire & IAWAH Lodges) while others are ensuite (Bush Lodge & C.W. Leach Complex). What do families need to bring? Bedding, […]