IAWAH Open House, Saturday May 20, 2023

Topic: Summer Activities

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball What’s Gaga Ball? It is a dodgeball-like game that is played in an octagonal ring known the gaga pit. The game requires players hit the ball, run, jump and dodge! Players hit the ball at each other with an open hand, and are eliminated if the ball hits them from the waist down. […]


Cakebaking* Think of Cake Boss and then having the chance to eat your creation with your friends. Campers will spend time learning how to design, bake, and decorate their cakes before the reward of getting to try them out with the whole camp. A fun and relaxing activity with a great reward at the end! […]

Rockets and Projectiles

Rockets and Projectiles In this super fun activity, campers will learn about propulsion by making water bottle rockets, water balloon launchers, a potato gun and a host of other great projects involving science and fun. Campers sign up for this activity while onsite; activity slot runs 2 hours.


Climbing IAWAH’s large indoor wall has eight faces with climbs and bouldering routes ranging from beginner to advanced. For additional challenge campers also have the option of participating in climbing races, timed or blindfolded climbs, and other games. There will also be opportunity for outdoor rock climbing and rappelling.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Develop your mountain biking skills to a whole new level! Campers will enjoy learning practical skills and technique in cross-country single track, bike maintenance and a challenge course designed for bikes (boardwalks, ramps, jumps, etc.).

Ski and Board*

Ski and Board* Learn how to knee-board, water ski and perhaps try something more challenging like wake-surfing. IAWAH’s ski and board program is adapted for all levels, right from beginners. Ski and Board Focus Program includes up to 3 hours of focused instruction each day. *Ski and Board is also available as a Focus Program […]